Our Crew


We’re a bunch of creative mutineers who carry out brazen market-share heists. We work hard, we play hard. Our process is sacrosanct. For a definition of that word, please talk to one of our brilliant copywriters.


  • Tom Sullivan

    Chief Executive Officer
  • John Vitro

    Chief Creative Officer
  • Guy Gouldavis

    Director of Strategy
    Survived on a Greek island for a week with nothing but watermelon and Ouzo
  • Greg Bokor

    Executive Creative Director
    Lived the punk life on Detroit’s Cass Ave. in the early ‘80s; walked home from college every night with a glass Coke bottle. Just in case.
  • Rachel Carrieri

    Head of Communications
    Once was arrested in Russia and held in an open jail.
  • Vic Camozzi

    Executive Creative Director
    Went cage-diving with great white sharks.
  • Mike Brower

    Design Director
    Capped off an Outback adventure in a half-submerged cage with salt-water billabong crocs. Willingly.
  • Jake Camozzi

    Executive Creative Director
    Once skinny dipped in Loch Ness after "exploring" ruins of Urquhart Castle after-hours.
  • Brian Dunaway

    Executive Creative Director
    Ate half his body weight in cheese hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. And still finished.
  • Ross Brodie

    Executive Creative Director
    Pitched a perfect game (in elementary school).
  • Michael Catanzaro

    Director of Business Partnerships
    Interviewed leather-clad, Jack Daniel’s-drinking hard rockers for a music podcast and fit right in.
  • Patrick Rust

    Director of Integrated Communication
    Once jumped over a cargo ship wake on an inner tube.
  • Michael Berberick

    Head of Production
    Helped build the world's largest Lite-Brite.