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John Vitro

Partner, Creative

It wasn’t long ago that John started out as a hungry art director in Boston.

After which he quickly defected to the West Coast — not to say he valued sun and sand over all else. No, John was hopelessly immersed in the craft of advertising, which he took to L.A. and fueled a creative odyssey that continues to this day.

Eventually setting up shop in San Diego, John found his talents very much in demand… for 25 years. Awards came. One Show. Communications Arts. Cannes Lions and more. But what gave John the biggest creative rush was seeing his clients, many of them challenger brands, become famous. And that’s why clients and aspiring creatives have stuck with him for decades.

Today, John is known throughout the ad industry for his dedication to both craft and original thinking. He’s also judged some of the biggest ad shows on earth, including the One Show, and overseen the creation of campaigns known all over.

When he isn’t guiding the agency that bears his name with Tom Sullivan, John likes to play electric bass and spend time with his wife, son, and black lab, Ben. Often you can find him (John, not his dog) detailing cars or wielding a screaming chainsaw in the hopes of achieving perfection.

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