Our Media Team is in search of an outstanding Planner. The Media Planner (MP) will identify the best mix of media channels to deliver an advertising message to our clients' target audience. Using research data, the MP will decide the best course of action within the budget allocated and give the clients’ product or service maximum exposure. You will discuss advertising strategy with our clients, analyze and research the target audience's character, and recommend to our creative team and our clients about the most effective media combination and present media proposals.

Our Digital & Integration team is looking for a Front-End Developer that will help to optimize the customer service experience by taking UI designs and developing modular performance-optimized front-end code across multiple platforms and devices.




Our team is looking for a Media Supervisor. The media supervisor has an exceptional understanding for the full media planning process – from strategy & media plan development, to execution. Works in tandem with the Director to set strategic tone for the assigned accounts and mentors Media planners/assistants.  Provides growth opportunities within a creative and integrated environment.


Our Client Service Team is responsible for maintaining the relationship between the agency and the client. Client Services are the liaison between the client and the creative team to ensure the client's needs and goals are being met on every project. An Account Executive (AE) plays an essential role within Client Services Department. An AE manages/supports the execution and production of creative ideas across all media types and generally handles several non-competing client accounts at a time.


VITRO’s Client Service Department is always on the lookout for paid (full time) and unpaid (part time / school credit) Account Interns to join our team! Organized, driven and enthusiastic problem solvers interested in making the most of our hands-on, educational experience will work closely with our account management teams to learn the in’s and out’s of an ad agency. All students and recent graduates ready to dive into the Advertising Industry are welcome to apply, year-round.

Our Creative Department is looking for a Senior Art Director to join our growing creative team. The senior art director has experience in type and design, in making comps that capture and convey ideas. The best person for this role brainstorms, strategizes, and knows their client’s business.  They communicate ideas to their team with ease.


Our Creative Department is looking for a Junior Art Director to join the team. The idyllic candidate will have 1-2 years of experience, an idea maker with craft skills. We want someone who wants to be inventive, isn’t afraid to be noticed, and has the desire to learn more about the industry.


You been doing this ad thing awhile.  Five years.  Maybe more.  Got a really strong portfolio.  You can write like no one’s business.  You can expertly craft mountains of headlines and radio spots, nailing the brand tone and the deadline every time.  You’re as comfortable with finding the big idea as you are fine tuning the finest detail. You know how to run a VO session or TV shoot on your own.  You know there’s more to learn still.  And you’d sure be open to someone good teaching it to you.  And while you’re at it, the chance to mentor someone less senior could be really cool too.



Right from the start, you understood that great layouts come through great craftsmanship and attention to detail.  But now some time has passed.  Now you’ve got some experience under your belt—five years, maybe more—and you’ve gotten even faster.  Now you can rock out a great layout at midnight if you have to.  You don’t spin your wheels.  You find the strike zone. And you’ve picked up a few other tricks along the way.  You can run a photo shoot solo. You can direct a color session.  And all that professionalism and experience and craft shows in your portfolio.  You know there’s more to learn still.  And you’d sure be open to someone good teaching it to you.  And while you’re at it, the chance to mentor someone less senior could be really cool too.